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Ockarina is based in Grigny, in the heart of the Rhone-Alps region of France, and specializes in marketing cooler and freezer cabinets. Ockarina can boast of a close partnership with the leading European manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality appliances aimed at four main market sectors :

  •  Large and medium retail outlets (freezer cabinets)
  •  Ice creams (bulk displays and storage units)
  •  Beverages (upright coolers and open-front displays)
  •  Layout for retail outlets and catering concepts

When you combine the power of leading manufacturers with the reactivity and close relations only a company on a human scale like Ockarina can provide, these are the assets we wish to put at your service. Our success is based on three fundamental values firmly entrenched in our staff’s working practice :

  •  Offer innovative, high-quality products
  •  A very high commitment to excellence in the service we provide
  •  The will to develop a genuine partnership with our customers over the long term

The entire Ockarina team is ready to listen to you and cater your requirements in full :
Standard units, personalized units using your company’s livery and specific developments to help you stand out and enhance your brand image.

Ockarina offers a wide range of services to optimize your freezer and cooler management : storage, delivery, installation, refurbishment and relooking workshop, after-sales service all over France and disposal according to European standards. All services include personalized monitoring according to your specifications.

The Ockarina team hopes you enjoy visiting our site.

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