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Legal Notice

This notice stipulates the conditions under which OCKARINA provides its Internet site, http://www.ockarina.fr/, and under which Internet users may access and use the said site.

After reading this legal notice, access and usage of the said Internet site shall be deemed compliance by the user with the terms and conditions stipulated herein.

All connection to the http://www.ockarina.fr Internet site is contingent on compliance with this legal notice, which the OCKARINA company reserves the right to amend or update at any time in order to adapt such to changes in the site and/or how it is operated.


99 avenue Berthelot
69520 GRINY

Damia - Groupe AO
12 avenue Tony Garnier
69007 Lyon
(+0033) 4 37 43 12 61

Cytadel - Groupe AO
12 avenue Tony Garnier
69007 Lyon
(+0033) 4 37 43 12 63


The OCKARINA pays particular care in creating and maintain this site and in ensuring the accuracy and topicality of its contents. Nevertheless, items presented on this site may be frequently modified without prior notice.
Accordingly, the OCKARINA cannot guarantee the accuracy or topicality of site contents. Items published in the said site are made available to users without guarantees of any kind and shall not entitle users to compensation.


The contents of the http://www.ockarina.fr/ site, including data, information, brands, illustrations, logos, videos, 3-D animations, are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Any and all duplication, translation, representation, adaptation and/or dissemination in part or in full of the contents posted on the site are prohibited, except a single copy strictly reserved for private use by the copying party.


Private information and data concerning you are required to manage your orders and our business relations. All private data collected through the Internet site are processed with the utmost confidentiality.
In accordance with the provisions stipulated in the French Information Technology and Private law (“Informatique et Liberté”) dated 6 January 1978, you are entitled to exercise your right of application, access, rectification and deletion of the data concerning you.

You may exercise these rights by sending us an electronic mail to contact@ockarina.fr or by land mail to the publisher address provided above. Please include the name of your company where applicable, along with your surname, first name and e-mail and land mail addresses.


Our site uses “cookies” or connection data. A cookie does not allow us to identify you, but it does store browsing information about your computer on our site in order to ensure the appropriate session parameters once you are connected.

Please note that you can cancel storage of cookie data by configuring your computer according to the method indicated on this site : http://www.cnil.fr.


The http://www.ockarina.fr/ site may contain links to third-party sites. The OCKARINA company has no control over these sites and may not be held liable for the contents of the said sites, nor for any changes or updates made, access to them, collection of personal data, installation of cookies or any other process implemented for the same purpose by the said sites.

The OCKARINA company authorizes the inclusion of a hypertext link only on the home page of this site. The creation of hypertext links to underlying pages is subject to prior written authorization of the OCKARINA company. Unless specifically authorized to the contrary, the inserted link must be displayed in a new window ; pages from the http://www.ockarina.fr/ site may not be incorporated inside the pages of a third-party site under any circumstances.


The OCKARINA company reserves the right to update, modify or correct the contents of its own site at any time without prior notice. The OCKARINA company provides no explicit or implicit guarantee and shall not be liable for any use of information of items on the site. The user shall be solely liable for use of said items and information.

Under no circumstances shall the OCKARINA company and/or third parties mentioned in its site be held liable in contractual or criminal liability proceedings or any other legal action for direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever, in particular of a financial or commercial nature, arising from the use of its site or of any information derived from its site.

The OCKARINA company does not guarantee that the software used on the site, along with information, on-line applications or other services provided through this site, are devoid of errors or that usage of such is seamless.

The OCKARINA company may not be held liable in the event of contamination of web users’ computer hardware arising from a virus or other IT infection. Site users shall be liable for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses.


Any and all current or subsequent disputes shall be referred to French courts and shall be subject to and analyzed in light of common law provisions stipulated in French law. In the event that one of the provisions in this legal notice is deemed illegal, null and void or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, the said provision shall not affect the validity or the application of the other provisions stipulated herein.

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