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Our commitment to the environment


  • Preserving the environment : a day-to-day challenge

    OCKARINA and Coolpoint AHT products are designed to preserve the environment and reduce energy consumption.

    Sustainable responsibility and energy efficiency

    Our AHT cabinets : we care about the environment.
    - Our cabinets contain neither CFCs nor HCFCs and thus help preserve the ozone layer and prevent global warming.
    - Our cabinets use a natural coolant : propane.
    - Low energy consumption : our units help significantly reduce carbon emissions.
    - Our cabinets for retail outlets and their packaging can be recycled.

    AHT uses the latest technological innovations to ensure optimum energy efficiency.

    1. Variable speed compressors : this technology specifically addresses high energy costs and thus helps slash operating expenses.

    2. Propane R290 natural refrigerant gas

    3. Automatic defrosting : completely maintenance-free.
    The automatic defrosting system used in AHT cabinets prevents the formation of frost, which would lead to not only higher energy consumption, but also additional maintenance.

    In a constantly changing world, AHT has always set itself the objective of being on the cutting edge of innovation, of being a leading corporation and of making its skills and experience work for future generations.

AHT quality certification and prizes

Innovation and development prize
Certificat ISO 14001-2004
Certificat ISO 9001-2008
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